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Private entrepreneur Guje Källberg
Customized computer systems, programming and if desired, electronics and mentoring

Three main products

Photo: Stefan Elf
Photo: Stefan Elf

Do you want fiber for your village or even for the entire municipality?

Get in touch! I can tell you how it works.


It is both easy and cheap to connect things to the Internet today.
Get in touch if you have such needs!

No one knows everything. Not even me. But I know a lot about IT and computers. Something that others have also noticed.

Get in touch, if you need help!

What I do

Rural fibre

In rural areas, distances matter. Especially in a 4G/5G wireless host. The transmission speed cannot be improved unless the distances to the are areshortened. And they won’t.

So if you don’t get your systems up to speed, you’ll have to opt out of features. And console themselves with the fact that “it’s enough for me”.

The only solution available is optical fiber cables. Then the whole family can use everything on the Internet again, at the same time and at full speed.

That’s what I work for in rural areas.

Promised at least 200 Mbps
The fiber network in Bromarv
Every fiber cable goes to a house
Mobile data in Finland increases most

Internet of Things

Gets the jobs done

Leisure jobs

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