VR – Virtual Reality

A real fairytale world

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We want to give the VR experience to those who would most need it.

In our opinion, old people and those who have difficulty moving.

Here's the video the world is talking about.

Tribemix classic VR video could just as well be filmed with us in Bromarv. The video speaks for itself.

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More examples of VR-experiences

Visit Tivoli

Enter a virtual Tivoli full of old-time games such as gun shooting, color spraying and porcelain crushing.

Paint 3D paintings

Meel yourself a world of your own.

Dive to the bottom of the sea

theBlue is a real-life visit among whales, turtles and jellyfish on the bottom of the sea.

Do you see opportunities for VR in your job?

Would you like to get acquainted with the technology?

We rent out a first-class mobile VR equipment that contains
carefully selected VR experiences.

The VR glasses are of the best quality and the PC
came equipped for purpose. A supervisor
comes with the technology.

The equipment needs a free floor area of at least 3x3m.

Reserve at least 10-15 minutes for each person.


Three quality classes of VR glasses

There are three quality classes of VR glasses. The better quality, the more lifelike the experience becomes. With good VR glasses, the risk of becoming “seasick”also reduces.

Algotronics use the best quality (HTC Vive) where you can walk around in virtual hosts and move things. You can’t do that with all the VR glasses.

Below you can read more about the different quality classes and what costs. (Because that’s what everyone wants to know;o)

1st class
PC-linked VR glasses

VR glasses connected with cable to a computer that has high enough computational capacity. Provides the most lifelike experience.

Over €2,000 including PC

2nd class
Wireless VR glasses

The wireless VR glasses are battery-powered and have all computing power built in. The image quality is still enough to provide a fairly good virtual experience.

About. 300€

3rd class
VR glasses with smartphone

Google's "paff box" allows you to turn a smartphone into VR glasses. The glasses are also made in plastic frames. A modern variant of View-Master. From 5€ + smartphone

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