Fibre networks

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Photo: Stefan Elf
Photo: Stefan Elf

Without fiber
no e-future

Do you live in the countryside and still lack fiber?

That there are no optical fibre cables far out in sparsely populated areas everyone knows. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Where operators do not expand the fibre network due to the fact that the operators are not expanding the fibre network due to the fact that the operators are for market reasons, the villagers can build their own fibre network themselves.

The benefits are three:

  1. The network speed is the same as in the operators’ own fibre networks, 1-10 Gbps
  2. The villagers decide for themselves whether, among other things, the european Union should be able to take part in the negotiations. the speed of its own network.
  3. The connection is fixed and operates regardless of weather, season and neighbors’ browsing habits.

The downside is:

  1. The fear of not coping with the technical and economic challenge.
But many villages around Finland have already come over that fear and built their own village networks. Optowest in Västnynland is just one such example of sparsely populated fibre Finland.

The Internet grows from outside and in. Those who already have the Internet don't have to expand the network. Those who are outside must join the Internet.

So the Internet grows from outside and in.

Algotronics help your village with getting fiber

We can help you with

  • Briefings
  • Applications for fibre support from state and EU
  • Technical planning
  • Financial approach
  • Formation of fibre cooperatives
  • Fiber digging
  • Sustainable maintenance of the network
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